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Future restaurants may have floating food!



LONDON: Restaurants could soon have food floating straight into your mouth, as scientists have developed a technique that can levitate small amounts of eatables using sound waves.

Researchers from University of Sussex in the UK discovered how to tune high-frequency sound waves to make almost any foodstuff float – provided that it is no bigger than a pea.

Acoustic levitation works by creating a powerful “standing wave” of sound. This can trap objects in a kind of cage of sound waves, leaving them apparently weightless, researchers said.

The team showed that they can move food as well, transporting it above a conveyor belt like weightless sushi.

This could lead to restaurants where people see the food passing in front of them and bite down when something they fancy comes into view.

Researchers also showed that making food fly also makes it taste sweeter.

“Sweet tastes feel more intense and bitter tastes people find quite pleasant,” Chi Thanh Vi told ‘The Times’.

“You could even use it to give medicine to children. If you make it fun, if you make floating medicine, surely they would go and give it a try,” he added.

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