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Drunching and brunching are trending today in Bengaluru



BENGALURU: Food in Bengaluru has evolved today because of the advancement in technology, major influence from western trends, global food shows and the acceptance among the diners for global cuisines. This advancement in technology has allowed the city-based restaurants and hotels to attract diners with new concepts.

Two such global concepts that has changed the dimension of the food industry today is brunch and drunch (drinking over lunch). Restaurants are increasingly adopting these concepts, which only means that there is an ever-rising demand and the popularity is soaring high. Now, the million-dollar question – Is the good old breakfast losing its sheen due to the rising popularity of these urban concepts?

Debolina Ray, a city-based food blogger often goes for a weekend brunch. She credits the unwinding experience behind their rising popularity. Ray adds, “The lavish food spread, selection of beverages, live music – all make brunches sociable and enticing. Traditional breakfasts are for early risers, while brunch pushes breakfast by a few hours to last longer, making this a relaxed choice before diving into a hectic week. The right brunch starts early, ends late and a pool or terrace venue does not hurt either.”

However, Uchit Vohra, executive chef, ITC Gardenia thinks otherwise. He strongly believes that breakfast has and will always be pivotal especially for star business hotels, with clientele who believe in the importance of the first meal of the day. Additionally, he says, “Breakfast has a few classics which can never be a part of an ideal brunch spread. It is an extended lunch buffet, which may or may not have all or some components of a perfect breakfast.”

A poll was conducted over three popular social platforms, which asked people whether they prefer the good old breakfast or the brunch/drunch. The final verdict was indeed surprising. Across three platforms, the poll received 305 votes, out of which 90 per cent of the people voted in favour of breakfasts over the new age concepts.

True to the poll verdict, Arun Adiga, managing partner, Vidyarthi Bhavan, believes that the good old breakfast will remain forever as people line up for breakfast even on a weekend mornings, as early as 8 am.

However, the rising number of brunch and drunch menus at the restaurants and hotels cannot be ignored. It only means that there are factors creating demand and acceptance among the diners. Mir Zafar Ali, executive chef at The Leela Palace gives a practical explanation. He says, “Socialising is a vital skill and the people plan their meetings over brunches and drunches with friends and colleagues. With globalisation and travel, these concepts are being happily accepted and is popular amongst the millennials”.

Adiga points out to the lifestyle of youngsters. He says, “It is the earning power and social lifestyle that’s driving lot of youngsters into late night partying, which makes them wake up late and skip the breakfast. Here is where the term brunch comes in the picture.” Adiga feels that this is not a healthy option.

Drawing a conclusion to this debate of breakfast vs brunch and drunch, Vohra points out that these are different properties and it might be difficult to draw a correlation between them. He further adds, “The shift of people between these concepts is ongoing and can happen in either direction.”

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