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Daryaganj restaurant – by the inventors of butter chicken and dal makhani



Daryaganj Restaurant, a North Indian cuisine restaurant conceptualised with the principle of celebrating the culinary legacy of Late Kundan Lal Jaggi and the resilience and innovation of the Hindu Punjabi refugees, is all set to open its doors in New Delhi with due credit to his grandson Raghav Jaggi and his childhood friend, restaurateur Amit Bagga.

Kundan Lal Jaggi was one of the founders of an iconic restaurant which opened in 1947 in the locality of Darya Ganj in Delhi where the most popular dishes of Tandoori cuisine were invented. He was one of the great inventive pioneers of Tandoori cuisine and is often credited for making it popular all over the world.

Opening soon in Aerocity followed by its subsequent launch in Connaught Place, the culinary legacy of Daryaganj Restaurant will go back decades to the era of Indian independence, when Kundan Lal Jaggi, a refugee from Peshawar came to Delhi with nothing but the skills to make the best Tandoori Food and started an iconic restaurant in the lanes of Daryaganj.He was the Inventor of the legendary Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani, arguably the most selling dishes in any Indian restaurant set up in India and the world.

Growing up admiring the legacy of his grandfather, Raghav who was a young boy at that time, was in awe of the iconic dishes that his grandfather had invented. Years later, he decided to carry forward this legacy and dedicate the brand “Daryaganj” to his grandfather.

Daryaganj Restaurant will be recreating the Daryaganj experience with a set meal of many courses specially crafted to showcase the history of Tandoori cuisine and its evolution, serving all dishes invented by Kundan Lal Jaggi.

“Daryaganj brand is conceived as to celebrate the legacy of my grandfather by blending old world flavours and closely guarded recipes with the most talented and creative team to truly create a best in class dining experience reminiscent of a bygone era,” said Raghav Jaggi, Founder and Promoter.

With the valuable inputs from late Kundan Lal Jaggi and his family on the secret recipes of that era, Delhi-born Indian chef, Gurpreet Singh Gehdu who has taken up the responsibility as the brand chef at brand Daryaganj will recreate the taste & flavour of the 1950s. All age-old recipes have been reconstructed to be closest to the way they were served in the 1950s and the dishes that were invented then will be clearly marked as the original on the menu, like “The Original Butter Chicken” and “The Original Dal Makhani”.

Amit Bagga, coming from a family which was in the business of automobiles, diversified into the restaurant business ten years back and is a hardcore hands-on restaurateur, who pays attention to every detail in his restaurants making sure all the five senses of a customer are evoked positively and they end up having a memorable experience.

The food at Daryaganj restaurant will be a celebration of robust Indian flavours from the post-independence era, brought to life using fresh local produce. Not just the food, but the interiors of the restaurant are designed in such a manner that it celebrates nostalgia from the “Daryaganj days” and inventiveness of the pioneers.

The idea is to revive forgotten flavours on the palate, the unsung flavours of nostalgia.

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