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Cool off with cocktail and popsicle pairings, at venues such as Sly Granny and Social



Flavoured popsicles may be a summer favourite, but bars in the city are pairing them with classic and experimental cocktails, to bring the temperatures down this season. At some restaurants, ice lollies mixed with alcohol even serve as mini frozen cocktails. Here’s where to get your fix:

If you’re a regular at Social, you’d already be familiar with the The Famous Social Margarita. The drink is served with a popsicle made with either strawberry or orange, depending on the customer’s choice. Rs.495++

What Mamagoto calls pop rocks is actually gola, the Indian popsicle, paired with vodka-based concoctions. Options include Blueberry Pop Rocks (vodka, blueberry puree, fresh lime juice, black pepper, black salt, cumin seeds) and Lychee Pop Rocks (vodka, lychee juice, lime juice, sugar syrup). Rs.399++

The Open Box
The Open Box Popsicle drink, Dissy Popsicle, is technically not a drink, but a frozen cocktail. Flavours like mango, cranberry, aam panna and lychee (which change every week) are mixed with vodka and served as ice lollies. Rs.100

At Foxtrot, choose from options such as Blueberry, Honey & Mint, Lychee and Orange. The popsicles made from the fruits / herbs are served with a cocktail with a base of vodka and fruit juice. For instance, Orange comes with an orange popsicle in a drink made with Orange juice and vodka, with triple sec. Rs.300++

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