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Condominiums with liquor licence can open more bars for smaller fee



The new excise policy has made it easier for housing societies that already have a liquor licence to run a bar in clubs within their premises to open additional ‘mini-bars’.

“We were getting requests from some societies asking permission to set up multiple bars, one per tower, hence a new licence has been introduced to allow that with lesser licence fee,” H D Dahiya, deputy excise and taxation commissioner, told TOI .

Haryana’s latest excise policy states that L-12C, a new licence for residential condominiums may be allowed in a district headquarters. Under this licence, any additional mini-club within a condominium can get a licence at 20% of the licence fee for the main bar that costs Rs 15 lakh. “Beyond the clause about mini-clubs, not much has changed in the issuance of liquor licences to residential societies in the current policy,” Dahiya said. However, this licence will be subject to the condition that only residents of the condominium or their guests shall be allowed to utilise the facility. Dahiya added that several residential societies within Gurugram already have liquor licences, among them Central Park-1, DLF Magnolias and Ireo Grand Arch. “We already have a bar within the society which runs out of a commercial restaurant and the upcoming club will also have a liquor licence,” said a resident of Central Park Resorts. Ireo Grand Arch has a liquor licence for its club.

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