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Cheers to a mid-week break, Wednesday pubbing is catching on in Gurugram



GURUGRAM: A group of young men and women sit around a table, ties loosened, heels kicked off and laptop bags leaned against chairs, as they discuss their latest project. They’re not in a conference room; it’s a night, and they’re relaxing with a few post-work pints — as they wait for traffic to ease up so they can make the trek back home to Delhi.
Pub and bar owners say there’s been a spike in mid-week footfalls, with Wednesdays seeing a substantially larger crowd. Whether they’re sitting out rush hour before they hail cabs to get home or taking advantage of happy-hour offers, young professionals in Gurugram are no longer waiting for the weekend to get a drink.

Quite a few young people drop in between 6pm and 8pm to avoid traffic, says Vibhu Sharma of Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality that runs Cyber Hub Social. “They come in, have a couple of beers while they wait for the traffic to ease up and then head home,” said Sharma.

The post-work session isn’t about partying but about unwinding, having a conversation and trading office gossip. “Wednesday has become a mid-week day-out for office-going folk. It’s a good break after battling the Monday blues, and sets them up for the weekend,” said Rahul Singh, owner of The Beer Cafe chain of pubs.

The fact that Cyber Hub is home to both offices and makes getting a drink after work a lot easier. “A beer after work is a good way to relax,” said Arunangshu Adhikari, who works with a finance major. “Cyber Hub is right next to the office and you don’t have to worry about dealing with traffic to get there.”

Aarti (name changed), an intellectual property professional, said, “Quite a few of my friends go out on weekdays because there are offers and happy hours, which aren’t available on weekends.”

Sharma said some multinational companies hold after-work meetings so that employees can work and play.

At the other Gurugram hotspots of Sector 29 and Golf Course Road, too, working professionals take a mid-week break by clinking beer glasses. Astha, who works at an advertising firm, said, “We go out on most Wednesdays now to take a break from the hectic work schedule. Also, it is easier to catch up with friends who aren’t available on the weekend.”

The weekday footfalls are about half what the bars see on weekends, but it’s substantially higher than a year ago. The bills run up, too, are smaller but proprietors are happy to see the change in habits. Lalit Ahlawat, who is one of the owners of a chain of pubs including The Striker Sky bar on Golf Course Road, said, “People come out and party during the week, especially in March and April, probably due to the IPL season. Though the crowd is not as thick as the weekends, it is definitely growing.”

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