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Burnt-out urban millennials are boosting the restaurant business in India



Stressed out urban millennials are proving to be a boon to India’s restaurant industry.

City-dwelling Indians, aged between 26 and 35 years, who are “dealing with a great deal of stress on an everyday basis,” spend an average Rs2,746 ($39) every month to dine out or get their food delivered home, according to a report released by the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) on May 10.

This amount is higher than not just the monthly spending of an average restaurant goer but also of other specialised customer groups such as “adventurous” diners who like to experiment with different cuisines, NRAI’s survey over 3,500 households showed. Where applicable, the survey put respondents into four specialised categories based on factors such as health-consciousness.

Though they are not price-conscious, millennials prefer eating at inexpensive restaurants due to a faster service than in fine-dining establishments. They also mostly prefer dining out over takeaways and deliveries, the report added.

Worn-out urban millennial customers also have the lowest tendency to dine out alone, and their most common companions are family members or partners, it said.

Absolute stress

While bottled water is the most preferred beverage of other customers when eating out, colas are a favourite among worn-out urban millennials. Also, they beat everyone else when it comes to chugging that beer.

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