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Black is the new food fad



Apart from our wardrobes, the colour black is now on our platters too. We find out all about the new rage – Black Food
Does the social media posts of your fellow Amdavadis boast of charcoal ice-creams, black waffles, black burgers and more? Yes, black food is the new trend for culinary enthusiasts in the city. Ahmedabad’s fascination with all things black is growing and chefs are experimenting with various ingredients to present a dish creatively. Cafes and street food joints have come up with fun versions of black food items on their menu. Here’s taking a look:


From activated charcoal, sesame seeds and coconut ash to black garlic, black rice and squid ink, chefs are using all possible black ingredients. Dhara Kapadiya, owner of a city-based joint says, “We use charcoal in our food items and that is how we get the perfect black colour. Most people can’t think of charcoal as being edible but it is perfectly safe for consumption.” The food joint will be very soon dishing out black-coloured burgers.


What started two years back has caught attention due to people posting pictures of them. Now, the colour is being infused in items such as chips, burgers, pasta, hot dogs, bagels and ice-creams. Ujjval Dave, actor who tried the black ice-cream and freakshake for the first time shares, “I would have never thought about black coloured food items if they weren’t on my plate right now. The surprising part is that it tastes amazing.”

The trend of black foods is taking the food culture in Ahmedabad by storm. Currently the city serves black pav bhaji, black ice-cream, black fries, black freakshake, black cones and more. All these fancy delicacies aren’t just available at quirky cafes but also at street stalls.

Parikshit Bhagat, owner of a joint that serves black pav bhaji, reveals, “We mix many different spices and over cook them to get that perfect black while maintaining all the flavours. It was an experiment that turned out just right.”

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