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Best live music venues in Mumbai



The music scene hasn’t been any better than it is now in Mumbai. With orchestras and bands, both small and big, travelling from all over the world to Mumbai, the number of live music venues in Mumbai has gone up too. You don’t always have to make your way to the fancy NCPA every time you want to catch up with the coolest music act in town anymore (though it remains a fantastic live music venue in Mumbai). Turns out, the best music is being played at a cafe or a bar just around the corner from your home or office. Fact is that there is something intensely personal about watching a live music performance. And, much like snowflakes, no two performances are ever the exact same — even if it is the same piece of art being performed. Mumbai might have lost Blue Frog that changed the music scene in Mumbai forever, but these live music venues in Mumbai are turning the tables on gigs in the city. Whether you are looking for a quiet night to go with your G&T, or a rager with your more chartbusting friends, watch out for these checkpoints that are changing the way the city is listening to live music.

1. NCPA, Nariman PointNCPA

The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) is like the distinguished gentleman at the bar who drinks his scotch on the rocks and curates music that’s soulful for the ears and yet, his picks are not what the average Top 100 hits would look like. From classical music to classic rock, this cultural hub is an oasis for the city’s literati and glitterati, and just about everyone who doesn’t depend on Apple Music to curate their weekly playlists.

You might have heard: All the stalwarts of classical music. From Yuri Bashmet and Dmitry Sitkovetsky, to legends closer home like Pandit Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain.

Where is it: NCPA Marg, Nariman Point

Call them on: 022 66223737

2. Khar Social, KharKhar social

Giving the ‘underground scene’ a makeover, Khar Social transports you to a warehouse of electronic music in its refreshingly eclectic overground outpost. Known for its affordable drinks and bare-naked interiors, it’s the musical performances that stand out and pull the crowds in at Todi Mill Social’s grungier, more-alt cousin. For the longest time, the loyalists at Blue Frog considered the basement here (antiSOCIAL) as their new patron saint, till they moved the party upstairs, at the cost of many people’s happiness. We say, just buy one of their potent LIITs and be thankful for this space, anyway.

You might have heard: Some of the best live music acts from the Indian indie scene, along with a lot of stalwarts from beyond the borders.

Where is it: Rohan Plaza, 5th Road, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar (West)

Call them on: +91 7506394243

3. Raasta Bombay, Khar

raasta bombay

Raasta deserves all the street cred in the world for the restraint with which it represents its titular theme. It takes pride in the fact that it’s a Caribbean lounge that promotes free thinking and the emergence of identity, and they’ve got their curated bongtails (cocktails in bong glasses, because why not?) to prove it. There are few places (read: none) in the city that do reggae and afrobeats right, but Raasta stands out from all the gig spaces across the road.

You might have heard: General Zooz from Reggae Rajahs.

Where is it: Rohan Plaza, 5th Road, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West

Call them on: 022 33126123

4. Hard Rock Cafe, Worli

If the walls at Hard Rock Cafe could talk, they would whisper stories on the legends of rock ’n’ roll and guitar gods. Decked with memorabilia from icons such as Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Presley, this global phenomenon opens up a doorway to musical history in Worli. Since 2006, Hard Rock has been the harbinger of rock in Mumbai, and it still doesn’t disappoint to some extent. Peppered with live music every other month, this cult classic makes it to our list because it hits all the right chords – with platters of all-American food, and a rousing performance of Village People’s YMCA. by the bar staff. A lot of people complain about the abundance of cover songs out here so if that’s not your jam, then beware.

You might have heard: A wide section of indie rock artists including Fifth Octave and Mojo Bombay.

Where is it: Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Pandhurang Budhkar Marg, Worli

Call them on: 022 24382888

5. Flyp, Lower ParelFLVP mtv

This one’s reminiscent of MTV back in its prime: quirky, edgy and full of great music that isn’t cringe pop. The 6500 square-feet, MTV-themed restaurant is resplendent with colourful interiors, an even more colourful menu (kale white chocolate, anyone?) and Indian artistes who know their setlists like we know the back of our hands.

You might have heard: Agnee, known for their deep-rooted Indian music and livewire performances.

Where is it: Trade View Building, Kamala Mills, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Lower Parel

Call them on: +91 9930530952

6. The Habitat, Khar

The habitat

While The Habitat is not your ideal go-to space for live gigs and concerts, it’s a thriving eco-system for slam poets and stand-up comedians, which is why it deserves a special mention in our list. Because if acoustic sessions stir you, the spoken word might leave you trembling.

You might have heard: The very best of button poetry or the Azadi Records Roster Showcase.

Where is it: Hotel Unicontinental, 3rd Road, Khar West

Call them on: +91 98333 58490

7. The Quarter, Girgaon

A fresh new expansion of the recently restored Royal Opera House, Live at The Quarter is your one-way ticket to the quintessential jazz experience – one that you’ve only read about in F Scott Fitzgerald novels. Richly decorated with bevelled mirrors and sparkling chandeliers, The Quarter transports you to the Roaring Twenties (without worrying about Prohibition) where music is not only curated but also created. Order yourself one of their aperitif cocktails as you soak in the acoustics, and we bet you’d find yourself in a localised adaptation of La La Land.

You might have heard: Apart from boasting some of the best jazz ensembles, The Quarter likes to experiment with all genres of music including recent (but independent) tributes to Beyoncé and AR Rahman.

Where is it: 6, Mama Paramanand Marg, Opera House, Girgaon

Call them on: +91 8329110638

8. Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu

Razzberry rhino

Razz – as the regulars call it – gets two things right: its location and its location. The vibe at this seaside sundowner favourite – like the crowd – is laidback and chill. And the music even more so. Very few places can go from lazy to lively in a matter of minutes, and Razz is one of them. One minute, you are being serenaded by a soulful live music ensemble, and the very next, you are thumping to the latest EDM number. If you are looking for the old-world charm of a plush Goan club without wanting to stress over last-minute airplane tickets, head over to this seaside lounge for an abundance of palm trees, sunshine and root-to-fruit cocktails that will put any tropical bar to shame.

You might have heard: Crowd favourites including BLOT, Ox7gen, Ankytrixx and Twisted Bass.

Where is it: Juhu Hotel, Uditi Tarang Housing Colony, Juhu Tara Road

Call them on: +91 7400402604

9. Flea Bazaar Café, Lower Parel

Flea bazar cafe

Is it a food court? Is it a bazaar? Is it a gig space? There are no wrong answers when you come to the city’s latest concept: a bazaar-style diner, which hosts many restaurants and many more musical nights. The band plays in one section of the space which means that even if you’re here just to sit and eat mutton samosas from The Bohri Kitchen kiosk, you can do that without having to spend the night standing. But if you can do it both, why would you not?

You might have heard: Great indie acts or legends such as Mohini Dey and Ranjit Barot – they all come here.

Where is it: Trade View Building, Kamala Mills, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Lower Parel

Call them on: 022 24970740

10. The Little Door, Andheri

The little door mumbai

When the house DJ here isn’t pumping out hits from America’s Billboard Top 100, this all-day eatery is your portal to a mixtape of techno, jazz and electronic music. Pair that with a Sunday brunch that lets you drink like a fish and karaoke like a boss, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

You might have heard: Local indie artists who are on the brink of fame and fandom.

Where is it: Shree Siddhivanayak Plaza, off New Link Road, Andheri West

Call them on: +91 98999 28776

11. The Daily Bar and Kitchen, Bandra

The Daily

When The Daily is not pasting news with headlines on the washroom walls, it’s headlining promising emerging acts. Having put deep house music on the map again, this place is a fan-favourite of musically-inclined 20-somethings who are as serious about their alcohol consumption as their raging. Their cocktail and beer deals help, of course.

You might have heard: Their weekly edition of The Daily Bugle that has hosted acts by Nanok, Likwid & Duchess and Discoman.

Where is it: Behind Shoppers Stop, SV Road, Bandra West

Call them on: +91 9920446633

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