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Bengaluru tops Indian cities in ordering food: Study



BENGALURU: Startup City orders a lot more than other cities in India, according to a study by the National Restaurant Association of India. Bengaluru, on an average, orders Rs 3,536 worth of food per month, compared to the national average of Rs 2,500.

It also has the third largest organised food service market at Rs 20,014 crore, after Delhi (Rs 31,132 crore) and Mumbai (Rs 27,540 crore). Attesting to the multi-cultural food preferences of its citizens, the survey found that a large majority is willing to experiment with fusion food; apart from regular cuisines. customers also look for exotic fare like Ethiopian, Korean and Japanese food, among others. Maybe because South Indian fare is de rigueur at home, Bengalureans tend to steer away when it comes to eating out. As high as 26.6% of Bengalureans ordered North Indian food, while 10.8% went for biryani and only 10.1% went for South Indian nonhome food.

Bengaluru also has the third-largest restaurant network — with 17,931 eating places. And the highest type (48%) of restaurants in the city are quick service restaurants – with the number being 8,564. “Another trend is this city orders like crazy,” says Manu Chandra, chapter head, Bengaluru, NRAI. And this can see by the mushrooming of cloud kitchens or dark kitchens (2,680 units) — takeaway outlets with no dine-in facility desgined for online orders.

The next most popular eat-outs in Bengaluru are cafes  with the city having 2,346 cafes. In terms of popularity, after quick service restaurants and cafes, Bengalureans like to frequent premium casual dining restaurants and affordable dining restaurants. They city has 1,657 units of the former and 1,318 units of the latter.

Bengalureans also have a pronounced sweet tooth, with 838 dessert and ice cream outlets. Even though pubs (427) form only a small portion of Bengaluru’s 17,000 strong restaurant network, in terms of revenue, they have a much bigger share.

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