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Bengaluru: Eatery blindfolds you, before it serves you



BENGALURU: What happens when you can’t use the sense of vision at a restaurant? It throws open an opportunity for you to put the rest to use and indulge in an all new experience, believe two Bengaluru-based entrepreneurs. Their restaurant ‘Blindfold’ works on this hypothesis. Walk into this restaurant tucked away at Patels Inn Club Campus in RT Nagar to eat food blind. Literally.Blindfolded guests are guided by the hosts to the seats where food is served. The experience does not end here. There are several activities that one can look forward to that lets them relax and spend time with friends. From a session of relaxation to a one that lets you put your art skills at work, there is much for one to explore here.

One of the founders of the restaurant, Kranthi Varma said that the ideas originated when they thought about letting customers enjoy food better without just having to go by the look of it. Simple food which makes a wholesome Indian meal is what one gets offered at the restaurant.The restaurant is co-founded by a film maker and a hotel management graduate, both of who are entrepreneurs. Kranthi Varma, a serial entrepreneur founded Blindfold that he describes as a dark dining experience restaurant.

Varma is member of the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and consults in the Kannada, Telugu, Bollywood and Hollywood industries in varying capacities.“After having tried my hands with film making, I was drawn to do something different. Once, on a trip to Kuala Lampur, I came across the a restaurant called Dine in the Dark. I tried it out of curiosity and that is where the idea stems from,” he said.

“I paid Rs 5,000 a plate. That was about molecular gastronomy. We did not want to do that here. Hence a simplified model,” he added.Varma set up the restaurant with his partner Abhilash Biswas who comes from a hotel management background. The duo have started this on a pop-up model basis for a year. “We would not be around for long. Depends on the response we get here, we will take the experience elsewhere,” said Verma.