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All You Need To Know About The Rs 10 ‘Yogi Thali’ Which Launched In Allahabad



In 2013, ‘Amma Canteen’ became very popular amongst masses in Tamil Nadu, wherein the people could eat food items like idli, pongal and curd rice at a minimal cost, ranging from Re 1 to Rs 10.

Taking cue from that, many other states in the country came up with their own state-run canteen, which would provide people with food at lowest possible price. The likes of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka followed suit.

And now, it seems the phenomenon is set to head north side of India. An affordable meal, named ‘Yogi thali’, was launched at a restaurant in Allahabad. Named after the present Chief Minister of the state, Yogi Adityanath, the aim is to provide cheap food to the poor and needy.

Speaking about this recent initiative, Allahabad mayor Abhilasha Gupta told ANI, “It is an initiative by a private individual. This facility has started from today on the name of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. It is a thali for Rs 10 and I am sure disabled, poor, needy, saints etc. would be greatly benefitted from this initiative. This is a good thought where even those who cannot afford a full meal normally can get it here.”

This initiative has been taken up by an owner of a restaurant in Allahabad. Dilip, the man behind this move, said, “We have a thought that no one should sleep on an empty stomach. We have named it in the name of Chief Minister Yogi because he is working for the people of the state and people are really appreciating his efforts.”

It is expected that the ‘Yogi thali’ will have one vegetable dish, one dal, one plate rice, two rotis, salad and pickle. Last year, Karnataka became another state to bring it’s own state-run canteen. Named ‘Indira canteen’, the food facility serves people with food starting at Rs 10.

The idea of bringing state-run canteens was first brought by the Tamil Nadu government, when J Jayalalitha was the Chief Minister. Under her, Amma canteens were started, and they became very famous. The food was given away at cheapest of rates, with women from self-help groups working on it.

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