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6 best places to have beer cocktails in Mumbai



MUMBAI: Finding out out a good place for a great or rather unusual cocktail in Mumbai may be a tedious task. To be on the safe side, we tend to stick to our classic favourites like Mojito and Long Island Ice Tea. But, there is no harm to experiment with spirits! At least after reading this post, we assure you will start to experiment some rare, offbeat and unique cocktails in town. Beer lifts up our mood and when the super drink is punched with fruit juices, or soda, it makes for an amazing cocktail. We have listed 6 places in Mumbai that offer some of the best beer cocktails.

1. Brewbot Eatery and Pub Brewery: If you are a beer lover, then bookmark this Mumbai pub. Known for its amazing collection of home-brewed beer and beer cocktails, Brewbot will blow every beer lover away. Comfortable seating, young vibe, and a widespread food menu add on to your drinking experience. Pair your beer cocktails like Beer Margarita (Tequila, fresh lime, craft beer, simple syrup and Triple Sec) and Lager Passion (Vodka, Passion Fruit, Peach Puree, Craft Beer) with dishes like Chicken wings, Barbeque chicken pizza, Grill fish, Pork tacos.

5 best places to have beer cocktails in Mumbai

2. The Irish House: This popular restaurant chain is always ready to spice up things for good. If you want to explore beyond the classic cocktails and regular beers, then Irish House’s beer cocktails are a must try. Inverted bird (Vodka, apple juice, passion fruit extract served with an inverted pint of beer) is a rare beer cocktail you can have in Mumbai. Other options like Classic Shandy (Draught lager and sparkling fresh lime) and Black Wave (Draught lager and expresso) are also available.

3. Dishikiyaon: Ditch the regular drinks for a glass of Bourbon Beer Sour at Dishikiyaon. From the innovative drinks to the quirky ambience and delicious dishes, everything happens to be special and rare at BKC’s Dishikiyaon.

5 best places to have beer cocktails in Mumbai

4. Light House Cafe: With around five variants of beer cocktails in the menu, this hip cafe in Worli happens to be for a perfect boozing joint. Herbed beer, Pink lemonade and Power beer are some quirky and smooth beer cocktails you should try here. All these beer cocktails are made with Bira beer. Remember, the food here is great too!

5. 1Above: This all-vegetarian restaurant in Lower Parel is featured in the list of best places that serve beer cocktail in Mumbai. If you are wondering how to pair beer cocktail with vegetarian delicacies like Mushroom risotto and Paneer Tikka, then make your way to 1Above. The gastropub with its astounding collection of twisted vegetarian fares and smooth beer cocktails will surely make you plan a second visit. Try their Boom Boom and Euphoria of Chased Shots.

6. Ture Tramm Trunk: This quirky place with a colourful setting is every alcohol connoisseurs favourite. Without feeling the pinch in your pocket, you will get to taste the classic drinks as well as unusual cocktails here. Want some beer in your cocktail? Then, try Chhaang (beer infused with ginger and lime). True Tramm Trunk has branches in Juhu and BKC.

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