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5 weird food mashups that are breaking the internet



01/6 Will you try these bizarre food combinations?

In the month of September 2019, a food video went viral, where a food enthusiast was seen making Maggi as a dessert with milk and sugar. If you think that was the epitome of weird food combination, you are going wrong. Recently, a social media user posted a video of roasted chicken chunks soaked in milk tea and called the after-taste decent. This is not it, there are many more such weird food combos that are making rounds on social media this year. Let us have a look at 5 such mashups that we believe are completely bizarre.

02/6 Chicken in tea

Recently, a Reddit user shared a video on social media, where he can be seen with a cup of tea and has roasted chicken pieces in it. The person loved the taste and wrote, “At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but after I tried it, I’m really digging the flavour. The after-taste was decent.”

03/6 Idli in tea

According to media reports, the same Reddit user earlier posted a video of eating idli dipped in tea, and wrote, “Hello, I am new to India. I hope I am doing this right.” We guess he needs someone to guide him right about foods in India.

04/6 Nutella and Biryani

Those who keep fighting about Veg Biryani and its origin, what do you have to say about this fusion of biryani with cocoa?

05/6 Gulab Jamun Pizza

While pineapple pizza is something we have accepted with time and even restaurants have introduced it in the mainstream menu, it will be fun to see if crunchy thin crust pizza with hot and juicy gulab jamun toppings will find space in the cafes or restaurants or not.

06/6 Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi

When we saw this image of Gulab Jamun dying in the pool of spicy creamy gravy, our heart went out. If you are also shocked, let us tell you that it’s Rajasthani delicacy, where gulab jamun is deep-fried and added to creamy gravy. (Image: Twitter)

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