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As the voice of the Indian restaurant industry, we represent the interests of 500000+ restaurants & an industry valued @ USD 4 billion. Whether a chain or independent restaurant, the NRAI is here to help every step of the way. Join us!

More than 3000 employees from 100 + Bengaluru Restaurants joined ‘NRAI CLEAN-A-THON 2.0’ in Koramangala and Indiranagar

~The most united effort of the Restaurant Industry in Bengaluru to bring change in the environment. They all pledged for a #plasticfreeIndia through #kicktheplastic. ~

~NRAI aspires to conduct the third edition of ‘NRAI Clean-A-thon’ Drive nationally with the support of 25,000 Restaurant employees.~

Sunday, 3rd November, 2019: On the early Sunday morning, today at 7.30am; more than 3000 Bengaluru Restaurateurs came united and joined hands together to clean up their city. They all pledged for a #plasticfreeIndia and participated in high spirit and cleaned about 1628 bags of waste in Koramangala and Indiranagar. Out of which 754 bags were full of plastic waste and 874 bags were normal waste.  Both the locations were pulsating with the positive energy and high life force of all the participants who pledged today to not use plastic products in their businesses and bring a lasting change in the environment to save the planet and make their City cleaner, green and beautiful. 

NRAI Bengaluru Chapter in order to promote a clean and green environment organized its second edition of ‘ NRAI Cleanathon 2.0’ today; a cleanliness drive against single-use plastic products. NRAI Clean-A-thon inspires people to become aware, take control of their actions and help in saving the planet. NRAI Clean-a-thon also supports Restaurants by providing them easy solutions of environment friendly cutlery and crockery. 

Pravesh Pandey, NRAI Bengaluru Chapter Core Team Member said “India always had a mammoth plastic waste problem and no easy way to dispose of the 4,506 tonnes of plastic it generates each year. Out of which only 6.8% is getting recycled. This is certainly a planetary crisis and calls for an immediate attention to save the environment! We thank the Bengaluru Restaurant Fraternity for supporting this cause passionately and making it possible!”

Furthermore, he added, “We urge everyone to pledge to make our City more beautiful and clean by simply doing the following steps”:

  1. Say no to plastics – replace with bamboo, paper, reed
  2. Serve regular RO water in reusable glass bottles
  3. Encourage reusables
  4. Don’t offer plastic bags, use paper or cloth bags
  5. Provide biodegradable cutlery and crockery for delivery orders
  6. Use certified compostable packaging containers

Chef Manu Chandra, Head of NRAI Bengaluru Chapter said, “A huge thank you to all the 3000 participants for their invaluable support. All the Leading Restaurants of Bengaluru like Four Seasons, Big Brewsky, Vapour, Empire Group, Hard Rock, Smoke House Delhi, Mamagoto, Monkey Bar, 13th Floor, participated in high spirit. I would also like to thank our sponsors Kingfisher, Diageo, Four Seasons, Mc Donalds, and Ladies Circle for supporting this cause.”

Additionally, he said, “A big thank you to MLA N.A.Harris, MLA Ramalinga Reddy and Koramangala Inspector Shashidhar for joining NRAI CLeanthon 2.0 and extending their support to the cause.” 

Anurag Katriar, President, NRAI said “This is a very significant step and we appeal to all our members to move to environment friendly packaging material. I would like to congratulate and thank Chef Manu Chandra and NRAI Bengaluru Chapter for their beautiful initiative, tremendous efforts and making it possible. We are planning to take this drive across India and also help our members in finding good environment friendly alternates. We would also like to urge to the Government to incentivize players who produce and supply non plastic packaging.”

We are glad to share that we received priceless expressions and support from the residents of Indiranagar and Koramangala and Municipality roped in to collect the waste. We also maxed out all their tempos and trucks and cleaned deep into neighbourhood. 

This is just the beginning towards this cause and we are planning to do multiple NRAI CLEAN-A-THON Drives across India with the support of the entire Restaurant Fraternity to make our Country plastic free and beautiful.