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Raghav Joshi

Co-founder, Rebel Foods

Raghav Joshi is the Co-founder of Rebel Foods the world’s largest internet restaurant company.Rebel Foods operates 450+ cloud kitchens across multiple countries. Being associated with Rebel Foods for a decade, he has played a pivotal role in reshaping the way we perceive and consume food in the digital age.

He currently leads the program to add new 3P brands to the Rebel network – through hosting,investments or franchising and scales them on the Rebel ecosystem. As a part of the program,Rebel Foods has onboarded multiple partner brands such as Wendy’s, Mad Over Donuts, and Natural’s Ice Cream, amongst others. Rebel Foods also has invested in SLAY coffee, Biryani Blues, Zomoz and SMOOR as a part of the program.

Raghav has been instrumental in driving business for the cloud kitchen business among many other achievements. Under Raghav’s leadership, Rebel Foods has grown exponentially, with a presence in multiple countries and a diverse portfolio of internet restaurant brands, such as Behrouz Biryani, Oven Story, and Faasos.

Born and raised in India, Raghav’s early fascination with food and flavours set the stage for his career. Raghav completed his bachelor’s from Delhi, MBA from IIM Indore, and moved on to roles with global behemoths in the investment and strategic consulting space, such as JP Morgan and Deloitte before joining the leadership at Rebel Foods.

He is based in Mumbai, India.