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Mitesh Diyora

Co-Chapter Head, Surat

Mitesh Diyora, Founder – Coffee King, Director, and CEO – CK F&B Pvt Ltd.

Mitesh comes from a humble background in a small village in the state of Gujarat named Aansodar. While completing his higher education in Ahmedabad a relative’s question “What are you going to do in life’?, struck him like a bolt of lightning, and began his journey as a trainee barista.

Inspired by Mr.VG Siddhartha and his self-belief to make it big someday Mitesh switched many jobs gaining experience and inspiration that finally got translated into building Coffee King.

Coffee King is Mitesh’s way of paying tribute to The Coffee King of India VG Siddhartha.

Begun in 2016, Coffee King enjoys popularity in Surat and in the heart of Surties as the favorite destination to hang out with friends and family. This happened because it was Mitesh’s vision to provide an affordable yet comfortable place to the people of the city and a profitable – investable business to the investors.

Today coffee King operates at 4 locations in the city and is expanding.