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Chef Shankar Krishnamurthy

Director, Fusion Hospitality Private Limited & Viola F9 Gourmet Catering

Chef turned entrepreneur Shankar Krishnamurthy is a veteran of the food and catering industry with over 25 years of rich and varied international experience.

The journey started with the Oberoi’s in Delhi and Mumbai. Later, a eight year stint in Dubai and Kathmandu. Finally, in 2002, Shankar settled in Hyderabad for his maiden venture. After spending some time in the city he felt that it needed a restaurant that could bring European, American and other world cuisines. Almost two decades down the line, all his restaurants under the banner of Fusion Hospitality have received countless accolades. It operates a chain of restaurants in Hyderabad-India, that showcase the diversity of global culinary delights, each of them being unique and dynamic in its own way.

Fusion Hospitality has been a brand name for many restaurants, as well as for his business in outdoor catering and institutional catering under the name of Voila F9 Gourmet, serving more than 30,000 meals a day from a top of the line 40,000 sqft central kitchen. It caters to the most high end MNC companies like Uber, Qualcomm, Zomato, Deloitte, D.E.Shaw just to name a few.

Voila F9 Gourmet, which has about 900 people working in shifts, follows food safety processes like HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 and runs an in-house microbiology lab to test and monitor every food item that is produced.

Not only nationally but also internationally Shankar has rubbed shoulders with Chef Gary Mehigan recently and did a full episode featuring them in a series called Masters of Taste 2.

Shankar latest venture is his online academy- shankarkrishamurthy.academy is his way of giving back to the society. Every recipe, every course featured in this Academy, are his indigenous creations with a twist of his own that has evolved over a period of time. He has spent years and years in pursuit of the magic that transforms food into a form of delectable art. ASK is the expression of his love for all things edible.

“The $1 cook book” is his first of the many e-books launched by him in May 2021.

The common thread uniting all his dream projects is an emphasis on excellent food, superior service, and genuine value. His greatest strength is its people, beginning with its promoters, each contributing expertise to different aspects of the business. Respect and support of his employees is evident in everything he does and as a result, enjoys a high degree of staff loyalty and tenure that is rare in this high-turnover business.