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Akshay Anand

Director, Ayesha Hospitality Pvt Ltd

Akshay Anand is a pioneer with a talent and eye for all thing’s luxury, from being a banker to opening up iconic restaurants and clubs in New Delhi and Mumbai.

From a Mediterranean restaurant in The Ashok Hotel to the renowned London based club in New Delhi called Toy Room and now Cosy Box, his hard work, passion and envision for the hospitality business is what has made him one of the best restaurateurs of his times!

Akshay Anand’s key to success other than his ideation is the location for his restaurants and clubs, with his attention to detail and a vision for his brands, he cracks the code each time.

Being conceptual by nature, his concepts speak volume and that adds to each of his restaurants. From a provocative concept at Toy Room to a Mediterranean experience at Ophelia, Akshay Anand’s notions are what make his experiences unique.

From his love for travelling and getting out of his comfort zone, branches his inspiration. Not only does he focus on the concept and business aspect of a restaurant but is inclined towards the interiors and exteriors of each of his restaurants. Ambience is of utmost importance. Ophelia, a classic example of his inspiration from The Wigmore at the Langham Hotel in London. With Byzantine art, vaulted ceilings and luxurious candelabras, Ophelia is a piece of art created by Akshay Anand. Toy Room, a brand in 8 countries and now in India was a huge achievement for the talented Akshay Anand, reinventing the nightlife in New Delhi with exploration, his passion for entertaining has changed the game for night clubs in India.