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AMDDC Hospitality Pvt Ltd

Company Profile

AMDDC Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of Getafix, a chain of guilt free cafes in New Delhi and NCR, is a closely knit organisation run with great care and precision. With Anil Chawla at the helm, the company\'s MD is Dhruv Chawla, a dynamic father son duo poised to take the hospitality industry by storm. While Anil brings his 30 years of experience to the table, his expertise in IT has made the company into one of the most technologically forward and accountable organisations. Dhruv, with his masters in marketing, keeps the operations smooth and handles all the logistics with ease while making sure that he remains abreast of the current market trends, staying relevant, especially with regard to the consumer\'s expectations. The company\'s principal brand is Getafix, a cafe that stands by its motto of Guilt Free Indulgence, by providing food that is fresh, wholesome and supports the idea of clean eating. With minimal to no use of pre packaged products, all the breads, sauces and preparations are made in house with freshly sourced meats and veg. Forgoing unhealthy options like maida, refined sugar and cream, the cafe uses healthier substitutes like whole wheat flour, jaggery and yoghurt in the dishes, upping the health quotient without compromising on the taste. Getafix also serves fresh fruit, slow pressed juices and smoothies as well as freshly brewed, loose leaf teas. Adhering to it\'s policy of providing healthy options, all drinks containing sugar and preservatives are a strict no no here. With the success of Getafix in the prosperous area of GK, a smaller, portable version of the cafe was created with Getafix Petit. A scaled version with the same promise. With the goal of maximizing on limited space, Petit has a smaller menu and is a kiosk version of it\'s bigger brother. While it still requires a live cooking space in order to not compromise the brand promise, it\'s requirements aren\'t as extensive. AMDDC Hospitality is a proud parent company of a growing f&b brand with immense popularity already under it\'s belt.


K-38 A, Saket, New Delhi- 110017

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